When 2018 started, I had big ambitions for the year – I was going to meal prep like a pro, read a new book every month, write a blog every week and actually train for that half marathon. But now we’re already in March and I’ve done 0 of those things. In fact, I’ve probably been doing less of those things since the start of the year!

And this is when it’s super easy to write-off everything I have accomplished so far this year, or to give up on my goals altogether… but that will only leave me writing the same list of goals at the end of this year. Since giving up is never a good option, I’m taking a moment to reflect and reposition my resolutions so I’m still kicking butt in 2018.

How to Reset & Refocus to Reach Your Goals

  1. Remember everything you have accomplished so far, this year, and give yourself a break. For me, this was remembering that my hubs and I basically took on a 2nd job during our house search, and we just bought our first home!
  2. Take a look at your current activities and make adjustments so you have more time to put towards your goals. We’ve been so exhausted every day with this crazy house search, that all we want to do when we get home is turn on Netflix… so for us, in order to reach our goals this year, we need to be more diligent about keeping the tube off at night.
  3. Reflect back on your goals… are they specific enough? Are they realistic? Have you set a deadline for yourself? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, take a few minutes and rewrite your goals. Since I didn’t set an end-date when I wrote “Train for a Half Marathon” as one of my goals, this task often gets pushed to the back burner.
  4. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by any of your goals, try breaking them down into smaller, more easily achievable goals! Deciding to read a new book every month can feel like a ton of content to get through, but it’s much easier to read 1 chapter every day.