If you wore butterfly clips in middle school and don’t have a skincare routine, you need to step up your game. Sure, your skin is still young, but wouldn’t you rather start a wrinkle-fighting regimen now, while your skin still looks good?! That’s what I decided about a year ago, so I began testing products and methods to make my skin look and feel healthy.

First, I tried the 7-Skin Method where you layer on 7 different toners to lock-in your skin’s natural moisture, and to maintain hydration without heavy moisturizers.

Then there’s the 10-Step Routine with, you guessed it, 10 steps from make-up remover to SPF. Read more about it here!

Finally, I tried one of the newest skincare fads to come out of Korea – the Glass Skin method!

What I learned is that your skincare routine needs a few basic steps that you do everyday, and you can add to it as needed:

  1. Remove all your makeup.
  2. Exfoliate! I cannot emphasize this enough. Regular exfoliation removes the top layers of dead skin cells to reveal smoother, healthier-looking skin. It also prompts the regeneration of skin cells.
  3. Use a natural toner to clean your skin even more, and to sooth, repair and smooth the skin’s surface. My skin is pretty normal, so I like to use witch hazel, but be sure to get one that’s specific to your skincare needs. For oily or acne-prone skin, try a toner with exfoliating ingredients like amino acids or glycolic acid; for sensitive skin, try something more soothing like a toner made with spring water. Regardless, avoid using a toner with alcohol as this can really dry out your complexion!
  4. Face oils are my absolute favorite, and I have several. After excessive sun and wind exposure, I’ll use a pure Vitamin E oil (found in the vitamin aisle in most grocery stores) to give my skin a boost of moisture and antioxidants; for daily use, I have a rose oil serum and a pomegranate serum from Margot Elena that I use interchangeably. Most of the time, I’ll apply a few drops directly to my skin, but you can also add a couple drops of the oil to your favorite moisturizer. I even started using dry body oil instead of body lotion, and love it! *For those with oily skin: the tendency with oily skin is to go heavy on the exfoliators and toners, but that can actually be training your skin to produce more oils! Try using face oils for a couple weeks and see what happens.